Понедельник, Апрель 29, 2013
*хочу Бориса лизать*

*хочу Бориса лизать*


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  2. razumikin сделал(а) реблог этого от balbettare и добавил(а):
    google just gave me 2 diff translations. regardless, yes it’s bad lol for one thing they obscure like his whole face...
  3. razumikin сказал(а): you stop that - he’s clearly making bedroom eyes at me! boris just drunkenly wandered into the shot.
  4. balbettare сделал(а) реблог этого от malinkibear и добавил(а):
    I’m going to photoshop my face on Boris’. Because I want Misha to want to lick me. (did I read that right?) Seriously,...
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